2015 NCA Certification Pin Order Form

  • 15 Jun 2015
  • 16 Aug 2015
  • NCA Conference or via posted mail.


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Base fee:

Please note online pricing reflects a processing fee.
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The distinctive gold NCA Certification pin is issued following official written approval of certification status. The pin is purchased in one of three (3) official methods:

Executive Board of Directors (pin is purchased by the parent organization on your behalf)

NCA Chapter Board of Directors (pin is purchased by your sponsoring Chapter)

NCA Member At Large (you are purchasing your own pin).

Only registered NCA Certified Concierges may wear the pin at any time. The pin is issued according to which station of the organization the recipient currently, or has in the past, successfully completed service to the National Concierge Association. If the designee has served on both the Chapter and the NCA Executive Board level, the highest level of office achieved will be imprinted on the pin originally issued.

Executive Board of Directors: Must have completed one term

Chapter President: Must have completed one term

Chapter Director: Must have completed one term

NCA Member: Qualifications for designation only apply

Each pin has a distinctive feature denoting the above designated station is priced accordingly. The pins include a felt lined presentation box. You may care for your pin by placing it in the felt lined box when not wearing it and polishing it before each use with a registered jewelers polish. At any time if you damage or break your pin, you may take it to a registered jeweler for repair or return it to the NCA by contacting the National President. (There may be an additional charge for repair).

2015 online price per pin (includes processing fee)

Executive Director: $317.50  Includes Symbolic Diamond chip, top and bottom banners

Chapter President: $317.50  Includes Symbolic Ruby Chip, top and bottom banners

Chapter Director: $286.00  Top and bottom banners

NCA Member: $224.00  Bottom banner only

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